Martial names Manchester United ‘monster’

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Manchester United forward Anthony Martial has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney as two of the best players he’s ever worked with.

         The 26-year-old joined Old Trafford in 2015, playing for two years with Rooney before moving to Everton while Ronaldo. Returned to the team last season. Although referred to on loan to play with Sevilla in the second half of the season

         Speaking of the Portugal international via Franck Football, Martial said: “He’s very humble. and worked very hard.”

         “We always talk in the gym in the morning before training. And I’ll keep an eye on what he’s doing. That’s why, this is Cristiano Ronaldo!”

         As for Rooney, the French footballer said “We’ve talked about being authentic and I can talk about Wayne Rooney, he’s the best player I’ve ever played with.”

         “He always plays for the team. It’s always like that 100 per cent and it’s a role model as a footballer.”

The Frenchman moved to Old Trafford in 2015 and spent two years playing alongside then captain Rooney before the latter joined Everton, while he has shared a dressing room with Ronaldo since last summer.

Although Martial did not play alongside the duo when they were in the primes of their career, both have left a big impression.